This blog is the first palce where you can find info about SearchForce gadget, where downolad, how to install, screenshot, and so on.

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1. Intro

The SearchForce gadget is a sidebasr gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
It's a shortcut to search inside SalesForce directly on you desk. You can use this gadget only if you have a valid SalesForce account.

2. Screenshot
This is what it looks like when docked:

This is  what it looks like when undoked: 

This is the settings page:

3. Install 
The gadget can be downloaded from Windows Live gallery, this is the link. To install a gadget, just view the gadget details page. Click the "Download to Sidebar" to the right of the gadget on the details page. You may then be prompted by your web browser what you wish to do with the file. If you choose to save the file, you will need to double-click it to install the gadget. Opening the file will automatically start the installation process. However, another security warning may appear, asking you to decide whether or not you wish to install the Windows Sidebar gadget.

4. Configure
Before begin to search, you must configure your account info.
It's easy to configure SearchForce gadgets.
Right-click directly on the SearchForce gadget and then click on Options. A configuration dialog should appear for you (Setting image hereover). Now insert the SalesForce account info. When finished click "ok" to save the data and
you are ready to search on SalesForce.

5. Add a comment
If you like the gadget, please, leave a post in this blog or use the link inside the settings page.